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Possible Reasons Why Your Sprinkler System Has Low Water Pressure
July 29, 2021 TexasLawnAdmin

Possible Reasons Why Your Sprinkler System Has Low Water Pressure

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A yard full of green grass is a great way to boost the curb appeal your home has. The only way to keep your lawn looking great is by providing it with the proper amount of water. Homeowners in the United States spend millions of dollars annually to install sprinkler systems. Once you have your sprinkler system in place, keeping it functional should be your top priority. 

Low water pressure can render your sprinkler system virtually useless. As soon as this problem is noticed, you need to figure out what is causing it. Read below for information on possible causes for your sprinkler system having low water pressure. 

Damaged Water Lines

When a new sprinkler system is being installed, a series of pipes will be installed. Keeping water flowing to your sprinkler heads will require these pipes to stay in good working order. Making the mistake of digging too close to one of these pipes can rupture them. If you start to notice that the water pressure for your sprinklers is extremely low, then you might be dealing with a damaged water line. 

Getting to the bottom of where this broken water line is will be much easier with the help of an experienced professional. The team at Texas Lawn Sprinklers will be able to inspect your system and pinpoint the cause of your problems. Once we figure out where your water leak is coming from, we can fix it before any more damage is done to your lawn or your sprinkler system. 

Dirty Sprinkler Heads

One of the most important parts of your sprinkler system is the sprinkler heads where the water comes out. As time goes by, these sprinkler heads will collect a lot of dirt. In some cases, this dirt can clog up the sprinkler heads and make it hard for water to pass through them. If you start to notice lower than normal water pressure, take a look at the condition of your sprinkler heads before you do any further troubleshooting. 

If you notice multiple sprinkler heads are clogged with dirt, then cleaning them is a must. Instead of trying to clean these sprinkler heads on your own, call in professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. 

Issues With Your Valves

Another possible cause of your low water pressure problem is main or shut-off valves that aren’t opened fully. Most sprinkler systems are equipped with these valves to make cutting off the water in the event of a leak easier. However, if these valves are not fully opened, it can lead to lower-than-normal water pressure. If you aren’t sure how to find or adjust these valves, then seeking out some professional help is a good idea. With their help and guidance, you should have no problem fixing this common problem in a hurry. 

Are you currently experiencing problems with your home sprinkler system? If so, Texas Lawn Sprinklers can get them fixed in no time. 

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