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Maintaining Excellent Sprinkler Systems
September 1, 2021 TexasLawnAdmin

Maintaining Excellent Sprinkler Systems

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Some people think that installing sprinklers is as simple as just putting a line and a spout in a yard, and turning it on and off from time to time.


But that’s not really an accurate view of what goes into professional consultation and installation of these types of systems.


There’s a lot more to it, and having systems set up the right way saves you money.


Irrigation is becoming a critical part of how we maintain our properties. We have the trained and certified technicians to help you to maintain your lawn and outdoor space and we’re licensed and insured for professional results. We love helping locals to figure out the best way to maintain properties well through every season.


Sprinkler Placement


One of the essential parts of installing sprinklers the right way is looking at placement and zone coverage.


Where sprinklers are placed is critical to the long-term health of the outdoor space. Our technicians assess your exterior and what’s in it, to provide the best layout for the system to preserve a lush, vibrant result for years to come.


The Effects of Weather


With outdoor sprinkler systems, you’re dealing with mother nature, and that can be an unpredictable task


One issue is potential freezing of sprinkler systems. If your professional install company didn’t go over this with you, you can get an unpleasant surprise later. We always talk about these types of contingencies and mitigation factors when we visit properties, as part of our best practices for making sure that people get the value that they pay for from their systems. It’s not a question of providing hardware – many property owners benefit from advice from specialists, because there’s a lot they may not think of when setting up these systems and getting them into place.


Volume of Water


It’s not uncommon for poorly planned sprinkler systems to overwater areas and lead to standing water on a lawn. That in turn can lead to a range of other problems, so we always evaluate for accuracy. A good technical review prevents serious issues later. Read more about this on our web site.


We also consult on backflow prevention, which is critically important to a property. Again, this type of engineering greatly impacts future results. Think about what a municipal engineer does when assessing water flow. That type of analysis is critical with any water system. Talk to Texas Lawn Sprinklers about how to get the right setup for your property.

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