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Important Information about Rain & Freeze Sensors
April 25, 2019 TexasLawnAdmin

Important Information about Rain & Freeze Sensors

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Texas Lawn Sprinklers – all you need to know about a rain and freeze sensor for your sprinkler system.

What is a rain/freeze sensor?

Rain and freeze sensors prevent automatic irrigation systems from operating when sufficient rain has to trip the sensor or when temperatures are below freezing.

Why do we need sensors?

Rain freeze sensors conserve water by preventing automatic irrigation systems from running during wet periods. Homeowners may benefit from a savings on monthly water bills. Sensors also prevent systems from running when temperatures are below freezing, reducing the incidence of ice on the roadways and sidewalks.

When do the sensors have to be installed?

Sensors currently on all new systems installed after January 1, 2009. You should check with your city if they are required for existing systems

Where can I purchase a rain and freeze sensor?

Sensors may be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or any irrigation supply company. Irrigation/Sprinkler maintenance companies, such as Texas Lawn Sprinklers, can also purchase and install sensors for you.

What are the different types of sensors?

Sensors are wireless or hard wired to provide a range of installation options, and are generally available for all irrigation brands.

Will the city install the sensor for me?

Cities will not install rain and freeze sensors. This is why you should consider Texas Lawn Sprinklers. We’re PROS in all aspects of sprinkler and irrigation systems, including repairs and upgrades.

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