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Facts About Sprinkler Rain And Freeze Sensors
March 2, 2021 TexasLawnAdmin

Facts About Sprinkler Rain And Freeze Sensors

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If you’ve ever driven by a neighbors’ home and noticed their sprinklers on during a rainstorm, you’ve probably made a note of the waste of water. Or maybe you’ve awakened to an iced-over yard due to your sprinklers turning on during an overnight dip in temperature.


Rain And Freeze Sprinkler Sensors

A rain/freeze sprinkler sensor keeps these soggy scenarios at bay. As its’ name implies, these sensors are a measuring device that detects rain events and freezing temperatures. Rain and freeze sensors are compliments to any irrigation system designed to suspend irrigation when weather events occur.


Benefits Of Sprinkler Sensors

Many homeowners set their sprinkler systems to a specific timeframe and simply let the irrigation do the work. Rain and Freeze allow the irrigation system to react to weather events in which the water does not need to be sprayed. By stopping sprinklers from dousing the lawn in the rain and cold temperatures, these sensors help to conserve water, protect plants from overwatering, sprinkler pipe damage, and reduce the risk of ice developing on sidewalks and driveways.


Sensor Location

Rain and freeze sprinkler sensors are equipped with a rain-sensing head or hygroscopic disks. The rain is collected in the disks or a small collection basin which triggers a change in the scheduled watering cycle. This change can either turn the water on or turn it off as needed. Sensors also record the temperature when the change is made, making them essential for them to work correctly.


Sensors should be installed in an area where natural temperature fluctuations are not inhibited by artificial temperature. For example, if the sensors are near a ventilation system, the device may not work correctly.  Any artificial heat sources or prolonged shade can alter the device’s ability to react as needed.


Insuring Sensor Safety

It is recommended that rain and freeze sprinkler sensors be checked annually to ensure they are correctly working. Many homeowners have their sensors professionally checked before winter and before the summer months. When appropriately placed and maintained, rain and freeze sensors can help you gain greater control of your irrigation, ultimately saving you money in wasted water bills and time of replacing the landscaping harmed by extreme weather.


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