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Better Sprinkler Systems: Maintenance and More
February 5, 2021 TexasLawnAdmin

Better Sprinkler Systems: Maintenance and More

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At Texas Lawn Sprinklers, we are continually active around McKinney and greater Dallas-Fort Worth installing, repairing, and optimizing sprinkler systems for our customers’ properties. This is what we’re good at, and what we have invested in doing well. 


What does this look like? Here are some significant components of what we do each day to make sure your sprinklers are working well.


Fixing Electrical and Wiring Issues


As with any hardwired infrastructure, sprinklers can have problems related to that wiring circuitry map that supports their operation. These can be some of the most maddening issues to deal with for a firm that is not equipped to really solve electrical and wiring issues, partly because of the tracing that may be involved. We tackle these challenges with confidence and provide you with solutions for peace of mind.


Checking for Leaks


In some cases, your first warning sign is a high water bill.


Because sprinkler systems are continually water-fed, they can develop leaks that will add to your water bill and could potentially cause water damage issues on the property. We’ll take a look, inspect systems and make sure that they are 100% up to par so that you can sleep better at night. 


Adjusting Sprays and Rotors


Sometimes, adjustment is an issue. The sprinkler’s working, but just not targeting water where it should. Small calibrations can make a big difference, and this is another area that we specialize in for professional sprinkler maintenance. We can assess systems and let you know just where a bit of an adjustment is needed. 


Adding Zones to Sprinkler Systems


Some of our customers have sprinkler systems that are working well, but not covering particular areas. Maybe some area of the property has changed, in terms of its use or its landscape. Maybe there always was a blind spot in the sprinkler system that has to be resolved. We can help!


Timers, Etc. and Coordinating Sprinkler Automation Systems


Another important component of the sprinkler system is timers. It’s common for modern sprinkler systems to be automated – so no one has to go and press a button every day. But with that said, the timers can malfunction, and the automation equipment can be slightly off.


We also help with rain and freeze sensors to help tailor the sprinkler operation to the actual climate and the precipitation that’s occurring at the property. Ask us about all of the things that we do for customers to help them ensure that their sprinklers are doing the job they should. 


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