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That feel of the cool green grass between your toes. Your kids playing on the soft green blanket that is your lawn.  We offer commercial and residential services across the North DFW area.

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Proudly serving the North DFW community since 2004. Texas Lawn Sprinklers is an affordable alternative to other local sprinkler companies.

About Texas Lawn Sprinklers

Proudly serving the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and North Texas community since 2004. Texas Lawn Sprinklers is an affordable alternative to other local sprinkler companies.

Guided by a principle that quality matters, Texas Lawn Sprinklers’ team of technicians provide the best services, knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction. We always check our work before leaving.

Our Mission:

Rooted in a commitment to precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our 20-year legacy of transforming ordinary spaces into thriving environments. At Texas lawn Sprinklers, we don’t just irrigate – we cultivate the green foundations of success for our clients, one drop at a time.

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Texas Lawn Sprinkler’s Service List

  • Full system Check
  • Adjust sprays and rotors
  • Check for leaks
  • Program and install timer/clock
  • System troubleshooting
  • Valve locating
  • Rain and Freeze sensors (installations)
  • Electrical/wiring issues
  • Adding extra zones

What Sets Us Apart

At Texas Lawn Sprinklers, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your irrigation system operates at its best. Our skilled technicians conduct a thorough full system check, meticulously adjusting sprays and rotors for optimal coverage. We diligently inspect for leaks and address any issues swiftly. Installing and programming timers/clocks is part of our expertise, ensuring efficient watering schedules. Should any troubleshooting be required, count on our team to diagnose and resolve system hiccups promptly. We specialize in valve locating, essential for system maintenance. Our installation of rain and freeze sensors enhances water conservation and system protection. Electrical and wiring concerns are tackled with precision.

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    Texas Lawn Sprinklers
    Installation & Service

    That feel of the cool green grass between your toes. Your kids playing on the soft green blanket that is your lawn. When your lawn has brown spots, or it is has soggy spots that make it more of a swamp than a lawn, you need quality repairs that won’t break the bank.

    Texas Lawn Sprinkler is licensed and insured, as required by the State of Texas. All of are technicians trained and certified for sprinkler system repair, and install.

    Customer Testimonials

    • We truly value the service we receive every year, and on an as needed basis. Tommy is one of the TLS service Reps that frankly we request every time. He is a polite, friendly professional that gets done what is needed and keeps you informed throughout his visit. he only does the work necessary to bring your system up to full working condition. he gets his work completed quickly and accurately. I trust TLS and their service is impeccable.
      Peter Ruedi
    • Julio was my repair technician. He called prior to arrival to let me know he was in route. He arrived on time, was very courteous and professional. He informed me of all fees up-front and kept me notified of the repairs he was making during the process. He provided a detailed invoice with notes and pictures of the work that was performed. Took him less than 15 minutes to complete. I would highly recommend!
      LaKeya Jackson
    • Technician was on-time, completed the work quickly and provided great communication each step of the way. Very professional.
      Craig Jackson
    • They were right on time as promised, provided the requested estimate to do the repairs - all done in a very professional manner. I could not ask for better service.
      JB Wascom
    • Tommy/Texas Lawn Sprinklers were absolute pros in diagnosing and replacing a cracked straight-line pipe. He walked me through everything and performed a review/check of my entire system. I will definitely be using them for irrigation work in the future and I highly recommend them! Thank you!
      Logan Piersall
    • Doesn't get much better. On Time, found problem, fixed problem, reasonable cost. Great service. Overall excellent value.
      Michael Loo